Visit of Dr. Ikuya Wantanabe
Wednesday 23 September 2015

According to the Office of International in School of Medicine at TUMS, on Sunday 9/20/2015 Dr. Ikuya Wantanabe Head of the Department of Dental & Biomedical Materials Science Department at the University of Nagasaki in Japan and his colleague Dr. Alireza Valanzhad visited Office of International and Medical Genetic Department in School of Medicine at TUMS in order to promote scientific collaborations and also be familiar with teaching and research faculties of the School.
At the beginning of this visit, Dr. Rezaei, Vice Dean of International Affairs explained briefly about the history of the School of Medicine and statistics of Iranian and International students as well as educational Departments.
He also talked about the perspectives of Office of International Affairs in areas of education, research and treatment in the School of Medicine.
Then Dr. Rezai accompanied Dr. Wantanabe and his colleague Dr. Valanzhad to visit the equipment and laboratories, including cell culture laboratory of the Department of Genetics in the School of Medicine.
In the Department of Genetics, Dr. Ghadami graduated from Nagasaki University along with his colleagues from the faculty members welcomed and hosted guests during a meeting at the conference hall of the group.
In the meeting, Dr. Valanzhad presented explanations about the medical community and Nagasaki University in Japan.