Dean’s Message:

Dear my colleagues and students,

I’m so grateful that you’re visiting the website of Medical Faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.

Achieving to the exquisite standards in medical training, research and care with the intention of improving health care level in society is one of qualities of this college in absorbing experts and outstanding students.

Medical Faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences with more than 70 years of background in different areas of medicine is the oldest and largest faculty of Iran which could have a large share in training physicians all over the country since the establishment.
Each year more than 350 physicians and 320 students in different majors of specialties and subspecialties, fellowships and medical basic sciences are graduated from this college and a number of them will be employed as academic staff in near future.

For the time being we enjoy 766 academic staff at our college and 15 affiliated hospitals who are training 206 students at Ms. and PhD degree, 2383 medical students in general medicine, 980 residents in 24 specialty courses , 145 residents in 20 subspecialty courses and 60 persons at 16 fellowship courses .
It is necessary to state that among 8 scientific poles ( submitted by Ministry of Health care and Education), our college has been identified as the best in 5 specialty courses.

Medical college is actually pretty active in research fields too, as I can claim that among 38 research centers of Tehran University ,17 centers are managed by our academic staff. More than 50% of papers published in scientific-research journals of Tehran University of Medical Sciences are presented by our academic staff. For instance in 2005, among 1558 published papers, 982 papers ( 659 international and 323 internal papers) were presented by our professors among which 839 ones were indexed in international websites including ISI and Medline and EMBASE. Each year a great number of books in medical fields or related areas are also written or translated by our academic staff or their supervision.
226 research plans have been presented to research deputy department of the University and 499 papers to international congresses since April 2005 to May 2006 by our academic staff
For improving the medical training, meanwhile, more than 300 academic members have participated in different workshops of syllabus design, teaching methodology and evaluation.
the current goal of college beyond training efficient experts, is removing care needs in the country, improving medical sciences, doing research, publishing the findings and applying the data and findings in diagnosis, caring and treatment of diseases and offering diagnostic services to the patients, establishing and starting out the new specialty and subspecialty courses in order to remove the needs in training, care and research fields.
In this respect during this academic year a Ms. course in Sport Medicine was established at Clinical Residency program in which residents are trained during current semester
Dean, faculty of medicine