Today : Wednesday 2021 22 Sep
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Activities of international patient’s department

تک ستونه
ویرایشگر متن

Activities of international patients department:
  • 1- Chance to keep in touch with doctor after dismissing
  • 2- Presenting VIP rooms
  • 3- Internet access
  • 4- Nutrition supervisor on patient food and ordering food items out of the menu.
  • 5- Daily doctor’s Visit
  • 6- Allocating a Separate unit under the supervision of the chairman/manager hospital
  • 7- Presence of an expert responsible for admitting and discharging of the international patient
  • 8- Recording up-to-date information on the portal of the treatment deputy website
  • 9- Provide medical Report and the bills in English to the patients at the time of dismissing.
  • 10- Chance to online consultation with doctor before referring to the hospital.
  • 11- For more information or an appointment, please contact the international patient’s department.