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Regulations ward

تک ستونه
ویرایشگر متن
Regulations ward

1. During the entrance to the wards, don't carry jewelry and valuables assets with yourselves. A special bag is provided for patients (including cloths and personal items).
2. During staying in the wards, having the tourism insurance book is obligatory.
3. In the case of childbirth, having ID cards is obligatory.
4. Each one of the patients can have a companion.
5. Entrance of the children to the wards is forbidden. Please don't bring children under 7 with yourselves during the visit hours.
6. Discharge of hospital is done from 9 AM to 16:30 Pm.
7. Hospital phone number is 42046-42160 and, intersection phone number is 648. Contacting with patients is permitted from 10 am to 10 pm.
8. Daily meeting hours are set to be from 15 Pm to 16 Pm and 9 to 11 AM in the holidays.
9. monitoring of vital signs are set to be at 6 AM and 6 Pm and the patient should be present in the wards in the mention hours.
10. Nurse call Alarm is installed at the top of each bed (if it is needed, can be used).
11. Breakfast time is 6 AM, lunchtime is 12 AM and dinner time is 6 Pm.
12. Specific waste bags are considered for trashes, yellow waste bags are set for infectious trashes (including all the materials contamination with blood, urine and etc.) and black waste bas are set for noninfectious trashes (including paper, food and food containers etc.).
13. Please get the nearest address for newborn screening laboratories from the nursing station when needed.
14. Birth cards of babies should be saved by the mothers up to the time that baby is hospitalized in the wards.
15. Please read the attached sheet to the birth card that is about breast feeding and raking care of babies or patients.
16. It's recommended to give pineapple and pear compote to the patients after the surgery.
17. You can announce your complaint and suggestion to the patients' rights department for investigation.