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about yas hospital

تک ستونه
ویرایشگر متن

About Yas Hospital  


Before 1949 three hospitals (Daryoush Kabir, Hezar Takhtekhab, Razi Mediacl faculty) were located in the site of Today’s Amiralam hospital.
In 1949 women hospital was relocated to Pich-e-Shemiran; under the headship of Dr.Jahan Shah Saleh, the obstetrician of the royal family (Pahlavi).
Later on, in 1973 women hospital was relocated to Shoravi hospital and was renamed Mirza- Kochak khan hospital.
In fact, in 1947, Shoravi hospital, under the headship of  A.V Barouyan, was under supervision of Red Cross and USSR with the cooperation of GA. Avansov, M.D, AY.Babrova, M.D, MN. Bronikov, M.D, RY.Malikayn, M.D, BM.Pashkov, M.D, Ry.Semliyanski, M.D, who were profoundly respected by people.
In 2013, Mirza hospital was transmitted to a new building; named Mohebe-Yas, a semiprivate hospital.
In 2015, the name of the hospital was changed to the Yas, fully under supervision of TUMS.
Number of Faculty Members: 28
Number of current students (Iranian and International Student):
Number of international student: 8
Number of Iranian student: 32
Status of Medical Tourism

Yas hospital had welcomed international patients for two year and due to good results and quality of services, along with affordable fees/costs today Yas hospital has became a trusted destination for patients. So we allocated 3 rooms just for the international patient and we try to provide the best health care medical services to all dear international patients. All of rooms are equipped with direct dial telephone, TV, refirigator, closet, bath rooms and separate showers for patients. We will fix an appointment for international patients as a result, they do not need to wait for an appointment. We guide them at every step. We can enable direct admission for international patient. They do not need to stand in queue or wait for the admission procedure. when a patient come to Yas hospital to get treatment, they either have information from other centers or had the experienced other hospitals, but in Yas hospital they find the real comfort, experienced physicians and the true meaning of low cost. Yas hospital tries Try to make international patients feel like home and have good memory of stay in here. There are three kinds of food in our menue that the international Patients can choose the one they prefer or they can order a special one according to their diet with the guidance of hospital nutrition expert. the international patients Can inform our expert about their habits or whenever they face with an annoying factor in their private room in the hospital for her intervention.
Whenever the international patients need her help or extra information can contact her on her cellphone number. We take phone number of international patient after their discharge for more following. Because their complete their improvement is very important for us. What’s more, the Yas hospital expert speaks English.
Number of different Sections: Nuclear Radiotherapy, Imaging, Endoscopy, CSR, Emergency ward, Laboratory, Pathology, Pharmacy, Clinics, Genetic Laboratory, IVF ward, Chemotherapy Department, Nuclear Medicine, Angiography, Post angiography, CCU, Operation Theatre (10-operation-room), ICU, NICU, Perinatology, Labor, and inpatient wards are included Yasaman, Nilufar, Narges, Zeytoon, and Tooba.  
Number of bed/units, number of surgeries (such as number of transplantation procedures)
Number of Bed/Unit: There are 12 beds in Emergency ward, 10-operation-room in the operation theatre, 14 beds in the general ICU, 20 beds in the NICU, 22 beds in the Yasaman ward, 5 Beds in the LDR ward for high risk pregnancy, 26 beds in the Narges ward, 26 beds in the Nilufar ward, 22 beds in the Zeyton ward, 11 beds in the oncology ward, 9 beds in the post angiography ward and 17 beds in the CCU. 
Hospital’s Divisions names
Outpatient Clinics 
Clinical Wards

Preclinical Divisions

Gynecologic Surgeries (Women Surgeries)
Cardiology (ECG, Echocardiography, and Physical test)
Sports Medicine
 Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
Pain Clinic
chemotherapy department
Post angiography
Operation Theatre
Yasaman ward
Labor ward
Narges ward
Nilufar ward
Zeyton ward
Emergency Ward

Nuclear Radiotherapy
Genetic Laboratory
Nuclear Medicine
Facilities and Equipment

The beautiful and clean physical structure of this hospital can convey positive energy and improve patients. Morale we provided many facilities for the sake of patients comfort. As an example we can point to coffee shop where the patients as well as family can spend their time. Coffee shop serves hot and cold drinks as well as some fast foods. There are many guide signs in this hospital that can be very helpful for the patients other visitors; what’s some more there is a big guide board in the ground floor that can be very helpful for the patients to find wanted locations. Delivering health services with high quality in minimum duration and with low cost is the goal of this hospital. Yas hospital brings all required diagnostic department such as imaging, nuclear medicine, nuclear radiotherapy, laboratory and etc. Yas hospital tries to provide patients with cutting edge technology and modern equipments. Undoubtedly Yas hospital has been one of the pioneer of the technology revolution in the healthcare.
Yas hospital was constructed with the goal of supporting the patients as well as developing health care objectives in the field of female disease. The decision was made to dedicate this hospital to women health cares, however, at the moment the purpose is to service male patients beside female patients.