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Department of Medical Ethics (DME) was established in 2005 under the faculty of medicine. This department is working very closely to the TUMS Medical Ethics and History of Medicine Research Center (MEHR), which was established in 2004 by Professor Bagher Larijani, Emeritus Professor of TUMS. Today MEHR and DME form an institute for medical ethics that is the largest and the most pioneering center in the field of Medical Ethics in Iran.
The major goals of this institute are to manage and advance medical ethics education; to build capacity and run training courses in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels; to enhance continuous education in biomedical ethics for different groups including health care professionals and researchers; to advance research in medical ethics; to compile guidelines, and regulations in medical ethics; to make policies for applying patients right charter in all hospitals; to create a large network of ethics academic and technical information exchange among qualified stakeholders  in institutional (TUMS), national and international levels; to develop educational materials related to biomedical ethics. 
Currently, the department of medical ethics has 9 full time faculty members. In addition a number of clinicians are the department part-time collaborators who help us in teaching medical ethics and professionalism courses.   Since 2011, Prof. Fatemeh Nayeri is the head of the department. The department is responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate biomedical ethics and professionalism education in tums. The central educational program in a Ph.D. program of medical ethics that general practitioners, dentists and pharmacists can apply for the program.  In additional different courses of undergraduate and postgraduate curriculums are taught under supervision of DME including two credit medical ethics course for the undergraduate medical students. Along with MEHR, the department provides educational as well as consultative services for 26 university hospitals, 10 research ethics committees and other schools of TUMS. It has also consultative role at the national level for the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

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Medical Ethics Group, Academy of Medical Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Medical Ethics Department, Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Supreme Council for medical Ethics, Ministry of Health and Medical Education
National Committee for Ethics in Biomedical Research, Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Facilities and Equipment

The library, which is located in the DME, is equipped with more than 2000 books and textbooks. The library resources cover specialized areas, such as medical ethics, medical law, medical history, bioethics, etc. There are also suitable reference books for students, researchers, the academic staff, and other interested individuals.

Other Information

The department is capable of accepting international student in medical ethics and bioethics. 
Founding President
Prof. Bagher Larijani     
Email: larijanib@tums.ac.ir

Head of Department
Prof. Fatemeh Nayeri
Email: nsnayeri@tums.ac.ir

Deputy for Education
Dr. Pooneh Salari 
Email: poonehsalari@gmail.com

Contact Person for International Collaborations
Dr. Ehsan Shamsi-Gooshki 
Email: shamsi@tums.ac.ir

Contact Information
Mailing Address: 4th Floor, No. 23, before Pour Sina St. - 16th Azad St. - Keshavarz Blvd 
Tel: (+98 21) 66419661, (+98 21) 66480276