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Roointan Arash Women's hospital was first established in 1975 as an Endowed two-story building. It was endowed by Mr.Hormoz Arash and hospital's name belonges to his missing son"Roointan Arash".It has constantly been developing since then;started from a polyclinic to a new five-story hospital. The primary goal of the establishment of this center was the treatment of gynecologic diseases; But now we have the honor to have a general women hospital.There are 46 faculty member working at this hospital, 21 of them are academic members.We have 13 Ob&Gyn faculty members including 2 professors, 5 associated professors and 6 assistant professors.

Current student numbers

OB & Gyn Resident


Medical student (Extern)

100 to 120 (annually)


80 to 100(annually)

Laparoscopic fellowship student


Infertility fellowship student


perinatalogy fellowship student


Our staffs such as Doctors and most of the nurses are familiar with English language and as we had some patients from nearby countries they could communicate with them. There are 147 beds, the wards are as bellows:

Clinical Ward


High risk pregnancy(Laleh)


Internal Medicine(Shaghayegh)


Post partum(narges)


Surgery/ Post partum ( Niloofar)


LDR(labor delivery room




IVF operating room


Operating room(general+laparascopy+emergency)






Intermediate ICU




chemotherapy room



Preclinical Divisions

Prenatal clinic

Gynecology clinic

Perinatology (Maternal & fetal Medical clinic )


Laboratory and pathology

Laparoscopy clinic

Infertility clinic

Pelvic Floor Clinic

Colposcopy clinic

pediatric clinic

General surgery clinic

Urology clinic

Psychiatry clinic

Infectious disease clinic

Endocrinology clinic

Internal medicine clinic

Gasterointestinal (endoscopy)clinic

Cardiology clinic(echocardiography)(including children cardiology clinic)

Anesthesiology clinic

Neurology clinic

Physical medicine clinic

Geriatric medicin


Drug store


Pelvic floor clinic

Our admission wards are with top medical facilities; in pregnant women ward (Laleh), there are 7 rooms, some of them are 1-bed or two- bed rooms with individual television and toilet in each; provide the best public health services in a gracious space with best prices for foreign country patients.
The median monthly inpatient admission number has been increased from 886 patients in year 2012 to 1945 patients in 2016.
The median monthly outpatient admission has been increased from 13625 in year 2012 to 19207 one in 2016.
The median monthly surgeries were 364 operations in year 1391 and increased to 861 in year 1395.
Surgeries that are done in our hospital are: gynecological laparoscopic  and hysteroscopic surgeries(such as TLH,LAVH,Endometriosis,cysts, Ectopic pregnancies,…),laparoscopic cholecystectomy,Obstetrical Surgeries,gynecologic rgeries(APR,TAH,Myomectomy,cystectomy,EP,cancer surgery,pelvic floor surgeries,…),General surgeries,herniorhapy,berest surgery…)

The Infertility Department Includes an IVF unit with a well Equipped   Embryology Laboratory. The procedures that are done in this unit are:IVF/ICSI,IUI,laparascopy(chromopertubation,ovarian drilling,cystectomy,treat ment of ectopic pregnancy) and Hysteroscopy  (septoplasty,myomectomy,polypectomy,adhesiolysis),transvaginal sonography and saline infusion sonography. We train one academic fellowship student every year. Some research projects are being done in this unit.

Arash hospital is honored to be the first and lonely center of Tehran University Of medical sciences that train 2 or 3 academic fellowships of gynecologic laparoscopy every year .moreover, many courses of laparoscopy /hysteroscopy are held for volunteers during the year.

There has been held workshops about news in myomas, neonatal ressusitation, adult ressusitation, NGS, control of pelvic hemorrhage and many specialists from other centers had attended.

Perinatology Department include all types of fetal and obstetrical Sonography and invasive procedure (chorriovilous sampling /Amniocentesis/fetal intrauterine transfusion…)

We hold physiologic delivery classes for pregnant women during pregnancy and they have the opportunity to use from painless labor and delivery under supervision of an expert anesthesiologist when they admit in LDR. 

Full range of gynecologic imaging such as pregnancy screenings,transvaginal sonography,breast sonography,chest biopsy, thyroid biopsy,speicialized mammography,X-ray,bone absorptiometry,specialized gyn imaging such as hysterosalpingography are done in radiology ward.

There is a classroom with educational facilities a skill lab with several Ob/Gyn and ressusitation simulators that is used for teaching medical students and interns that come rotationally to this ward. There is an auditorium with 140seats.there is a library with more than 2000 books and there is four computers for research programs.Also, there is wiFi connection at pavion for the staff. There is a research and development center with two research experts and an epidemiologist. They help residenents and researchers in preparing, research proposals and Manuscripls. 

Head of Hospital

Dr. Ladan Kashani

Tel: (+9821) 77883195

Fax: (+9821) 77883196 


Address: Arash Women’s Hospital, Eastern 162th St., Baghdarnia st., Resalat Highway, Tehranpars, Tehran, Iran
Contact Person

Dr. Reihane Pirjani

Tel: (+9821) 77710090

Fax: (+9821) 77883196 

Address: Arash Women’s Hospital, Eastern 162th St., Baghdarnia st., Resalat Highway, Tehranpars, Tehran, Iran