1 Oct 1395

Visual impairment clinic

The clinic's official opening ceremony was held on 22 october 2016 with the presence of Dr. Sadrolsadat director of Farabi Hospital, Dr. Jabbarvand, director of Ophthalmology department in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Lashini director of the University's Opthalmology Research Center and research assistant in Farabi Hospital, Dr. sanatkar vice-President and deputy treatment, Dr. Moqimi Educational assistant, Mr. Rezai, director of nursing, heads of departments, managers of units, a group of faculty members and the hospital's optometrists.
Dr. Sadrolsadat director of Farabi Hospital, expressed his pleasure about the clinic's opening and appreciated all those who were involved in its implementation, specialy Dr. Jabbarvand and Dr. Sanatkar and said that the lack of this clinic was really felt in Farabi Hospital.
Dr. Lashini also considered the opening of visual impairments clinic in Farabi hospital in the same way with the policies of Tehran medical sciences university and said that the rehabilitation is a part of the patients treatment and based on the new policies, it must be provided in hospitals and the patients referral should be avoided.

Source: http://medicine.tums.ac.ir/college/en/news/visual-impairment-clinic

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